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Hourly Rate

Older Child (Fully Potty Trained) - $6.25
Younger Child (Diapers / Pull-ups) - $6.50
Fitness Rate - $5.00

NEW POLICY: Sick Children

Effective Immediately:

Please take note! We have recently updated our policy to include that if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to either call Lil Griz back to let them know you or someone else is on their way, or to come and grab your child; you may be excluded from using Lil Griz. This has become a continuous problem, where parents are not returning Lil Griz phone calls about sick kids or are taking far too long to come and get their children.

We are regulated by the health department, and they require we send children home immediately after discovering they are sick.

For your reference, we are required to send children home if they have a fever over 100.4, if they vomit AT ALL, have two incidences of diarrhea, or have a cough that causes vomiting or is distressing to the child. Following these policies greatly helps reduce illness in staff and children at Lil' Griz.

Thank you for your understanding.